Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spokane workshop progress 3

I am still working on dressing the bed.

This is how the pleated panels look after they have been pinned in place and steamed. These are the two drapes that will go at the foot of the bed.

Pleating can be done without a pleater. The drapes at the head of the bed is one piece. Here, I have gathered the top, and have started pinning the drapes to my ironing board.

Here, I have started folding pleats into the fabric.

After all the pleats were pinned in place, I held my iron over the drapes and used a lot of steam. I let the drapes dry overnight.

While the drapes were being pleated, I worked on gluing the swags and the valence to the canopy frame.

Here are all three drapes done, and glued to the canopy. (The canopy is upside down.) I pulled out the basting threads after the glue was dry.

I started work on dressing the bed. I covered the foam mattress with fabric.

I also made the bedspread. There is a layer of flannel between the top and back pieces.

The fabric looks too flat, so I am quilting the fabric by hand. The quilting will be done in a grid pattern, and I have marked the quilting lines by cutting squares from freezer paper and sticking them to the fabric with an iron. The paper peels off easily and does not harm the fabric. I like to mark my fabric this way, because there will be no chalk or marker lines to remove later.

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kathi said...

Freezer paper huh? Who knew?
I'm trying to make a bedspread.
Thanks for you photos and hints!
Guess I need to use flannel for my quilt batting too...