Sunday, February 15, 2009

More tracks

Here are more tracks in the snow, from our mystery visitor. Here, he or she is coming and going along the same path.

And here is my own size 6 boot print, next to the tracks, to provide scale.

Minikat identified the tracks correctly. They are raccoon tracks. I was not aware that we had raccoons in this area, until I saw a dead one along a street last summer. I have named our visitor "Rocky" from the Beatles song, "Rocky Raccoon". However, I also call him "Ranger Rick", but Ed does not understand that reference. It is the name of a kids' nature magazine, from the National Wildlife Federation, and Ranger Rick is the mascot--a raccoon. When I was in grade school, my best friend Kathy had a subscription to the Ranger Rick magazine, and I was so envious. It is cool that the magazine still exists. Funny how both names bring back memories of my childhood. I learned the Rocky Raccoon song from Girl Scout camp counselors. We never saw raccoons at Girl Scout camp, but we did see bear prints on an outing and later saw a baby bear. We didn't stick around long enough to meet its mother. Ah, good times!

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MiniKat said...

One learns tracks correctly when one's husband makes a habit of leaving books on the subject in the bathroom... and one forgets one's miniature magazine. ;-)