Friday, February 13, 2009

Laser tag

Tigger needs to trim down. His K/D food makes him pack on the pounds. He won't eat less, since he steals food from Pooh, so he needs to exercise. He is very good at yoga, but when it comes to his aerobics, he just can't stay excited. I get more of a workout chasing his Nerf Ball around the house than he does. So, I finally broke down and bought a laser toy. Tigger seems to like it. Pooh was not interested in it earlier, so I was surprised he chased after the 'red bug' while I was trying to catch Tigger with the camera.

Here is a minute's-worth of cat aerobics, starring Tigger with a guest appearance by Pooh.


MiniKat said...

Love it! We need to something similar to get some weight off of Pollux. Let me know if it works for Tigger.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Luv that alot....even my eyes got a work out...