Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chair repair

A few months ago, I found a piece of bluish-gray plastic in my craft room. I knew I should know what it belonged to, but I just couldn't figure it out.

Weeks later, I figured it out what it was! It was part of the folding chair I sit on when I work on miniatures. It was part of a bumper that fits between the legs when the chair is in the opened position. The bumper, or whatever it is called, had cracked and part had broken off. I checked the chair, and saw that there were problems with both sides. I looked at the chair's mate in the basement, and it was having the same problem.

I showed the problem to Ed, and he said he would fix it.

He bought a dowel. The project sat until the weekend. He had to clean up the workshop area of the garage before he could do any work, since he needed my sander. (I needed my sander too, so I am glad he cleaned up the garage.) Then he bought a tool he didn't have--a drum sander.

He thought he needed to make 8 new bumper thingies, because he thought we had 4 folding chairs. He thought we had to buy another dowel after he messed up one of the thingies. I told him that we have 2 folding chairs, so he needed to make 4 thingies.

He pointed out that they are imperfect. I like that they are imperfect. If he had been meticulous as usual, I would still be waiting for the chair to be fixed.

I painted the thingies with some craft paint that I had on hand. The color is not a super-close match, but it looks okay.

One chair has been moved back into my craft room again. I missed it while it was gone. I was using my stamping chair, which is a spare kitchen chair. I like the folding chair for miniatures because it makes me sit lower, which in turn keeps me from hunching over my work so much. For stamping, I need to sit higher, since I am pressing down on stamps when I stamp.

I like that we were able to make repairs. There is no sense in throwing out something that can be fixed in a couple of hours.

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MiniKat said...

I agree. Less stuff in landfills is a good thing. :-)