Saturday, November 8, 2008


We took Da Boyz to see TED (The Evil Doctor) for their annual exam and shots yesterday.

Dr Kethler told us both cats appear to be doing well. Tigger is still too fat (18.6 pounds), and Pooh has lost some weight (16.4 pounds). Tigger's K/D food is high in calories, so it has been hard to get him to lose weight. Pooh has trimmed down, because he does not eat as fast as Tigger, so Tigger eats some of Pooh's share every meal.

Dr Kethler told me that she thinks that Pooh is a beautiful cat, and she likes his face. I do too! Sometimes I just look at him and I feel blessed. I love his gorgeous feline shape. He is certainly the handsome one! I wish I could get a good picture of him. He usually poses in places where there is not adequate light. I had to use the flash to take this picture this morning.

Tigger hates going to the vet, and after his exam, Ed took him out in the waiting area while Pooh was examined, since the waiting area seems to be less scary than the exam room. Our friend Kay was there with one of her cats (emergency ear problem) so Ed had a nice time catching up with Kay. Tigger's harness got twisted around, and while Ed was trying to readjust it, Tigger bit him. The only time we get bit is at the vet! Tigger was in a hissy mood last night, but today he and Pooh ate breakfast together with no harsh words directed at each other.

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MiniKat said...

There's something about having them to the vet that brings out the "bitey." had one of my boys to the vet a couple of years ago with a bad IBD flare up. He bit me when they tried to take his temp...not that I blame him. He managed to puncture the artery in my right hand. All was well after a trip next door to the human hospital. The poor boy was more frightened afterwards than anything. He knew I was hurt. That's the only issue with him in the nine years I've had him.