Saturday, October 31, 2009


Do you ever see something in the store that you just have to have? Now, I am not talking about toilet paper, which is pretty much something that a person has to have. I am talking about something frivolous that makes you smile and makes you keep thinking about it later after you leave it in the store because your depression-era parents have ingrained frugality into your system so much that something has to be on sale in order for it to be purchased.

No? That doesn't happen to you? Well, it happened to me.

I was in Michaels and wandered through the Halloween section and saw some gargoles. I had a coupon, but it was for one item, and there were three gargoyles which were a set, but they were individually priced. I looked days later, and they were still there. I considered printing 2 coupons and using one from the paper and buying two gargoyes one day (tip: send your DH through another checkout line with a coupon and an item so you can use two coupons with one trip) and buying the 3rd gargoyle the next day. But what if someone bought the one I had left in the store and I ended up with a set of two? This would not do.

Finally, a week arrived when all Halloween decor was 30% off, but when I was at the store on Monday and saw there were two sets left, I didn't realize they were on sale. Thursday, we returned to the store and we looked high and low and there were no gargoyles. I was so bummed, but I kept my chin up and looked for silver ribbon which I wanted for Christmas cards. When we got to the checkout line with the ribbon (no coupon needed, since ribbon was on sale), Ed glanced up and there were the gargoyles by the checkout stand. They were un the clearance area where I never look. Oh, happy day! Ed has such sharp eyes! (Being a foot taller than I means that he didn't have to look up to see them, so that may have something to do with it.) So, did I buy them? Absolutely yes!

See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

I took them to work and have them sitting on my corner hutch above my computer in my cubicle. They are staying there, well past Halloween.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you & Ed had a good shopping adventure at Michaels